Twitter King, Roger Federer #AskRF


Roger Federer delighted twitter fans from different time zones, from all over the world, answering questions #AskRF .

He started by sending a message on his way to practice. “Heading to practice. Will have some time after to do Q&A on twitter.. been a while since the last one. Talk to you in a few hours #AskRF. ”

Wondering if Roger had fun in doing so…

Yes he said, as he replied to a fan saying that he found it “seriously funny” answering the questions on twitter. And, offered some more, “Want me to do it more often? ”

Yeah, naturilich. If Roger wants to reach one million follower soon that might do the trick.

Roger talked about his twins, Movies and TV Showshe likes, his musical talent, and even about airplanes and movie stars.

Leonardo DiCaprio: ” I’d be honored if @LeoDiCaprio played me in a movie #Notgonnahappen :)”

Who knows… Leo can start working on his game…

Airplanes: “I love when the airline industry flying the a380 is always fun.”

And If one thought his game was impressive… Who else talks about airplanes models like that? Although on the tour, since they travel so much, they will ask which type of airplane one flew in…

TV shows: ” I love watching LOST, Prison Break, Entourage and Heroes. And then I had kids. #cyaTV ”

Roger has more time now since he can choose which events he wants to play. So he might be catching up on his favourite movies, shows, and of course kids shows as he has toddlers around.

Favorite Movies: ” Gladiator, Goodwill Hunting, Bond Movies, The Dark Knight, Inception and plenty more.”

No wonder he likes Leo.

Playing an instrument: “I used to take piano lessons and today would love to play the guitar or the saxophone.”

Not unusual for tennis players to develop musical talents.

On teaching his twins to play tennis: “I have but they don’t listen to me #BadCoach.”

Never easy to teach your own kids for sure.

Session was over, Roger needed to go… And as always, classy and considerate, Roger says Good Bye.

“Sorry guys..gotta run now. This was really fun. I promise I’ll do #AskRF again sometime. You guys are the best.”

Family time perhaps… Tony Godsick once said that Roger is very serious about spending quality ,family time with his girls.

And that’s All Folks, but no worries, Roger promised to be back and twitter fans will be waiting for that, for sure.

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