Rafael Nadal on his love and passion for the game

Rafael Nadal - USOPEN 2013

Rafael Nadal – USOPEN 2013

“I am older now, but my love and passion for the game is still the same.” Says Nadal as he defeated Novak Djokovic 6-2, 3-6, 6-4, 6-1 for his second US Open title.

It was an emotional final at the US Open for Rafael Nadal. “It is probably the most emotional one of my career.” he says.

Nadal further explains about his health and passion for the game: “If you are healthy, if you keep playing with passion for the game, why you will not have a chance to be there? I felt confident that if I am healthy, I will keep having chances to compete for the tournaments.”

Although he admits that “winning two Grand Slam in that year is something I never thought.” He also won Roland Garros this year.

During his interview with CNN after winning the US Open title he says:

“Every come back is very emotional, and sometimes I still have pain, but most important thing is that I am able to play without fear… It is true when you are coming back after the low moments, victories are more special, more emotional, but I always knew that it was not forever. So, I try to enjoy every moment as as much as i can, try to do my best every moment. Because in a few years, I will not have the chance to play in stages as I did yesterday.”

Toni Nadal said that Rafael is confirmed to play Davis Cup, Beijing, Shanghai and the World Tour Finals in London. Doing so, will increase his chances of ending the year No 1.

Nadal believes he will be No 1 in the next few weeks, but what really motivates him is the believe of ending the year as No 1.

Lucia Hoffman

New York City

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