Maria in fighting mode in Roland Garros

Sharapova and Jelena

Sharapova and Jelena

Maria Sharapova defeated Jelena Jankovic in the quarter finals of Roland Garros, 6-0, 4-6, 6-3

It was not a good start fort the No 2 player, Maria Sharapova as she went down 6-0 in the first set to Jelena Yankovic, making inumerous unforced errors. Maria said she could not remember the last time she had lost a first set 6-0.

“To be honest”, Maria says, ” if I was 1-6 or 2-6 and 3-6 and I would’ve lost the set I would have treated it the same way as obviously I didn’t do enough things right to win the first set. ”

Maria fought back, on the second set, and went up 5-1, cutting down on unforced errors. But her fierce opponent, who was once ranked No 1, kept the pressure and got back to 4-5, forcing Maria to serve for the set. ” I got broken” said Yankovic, “but then I managed to come back. I was 5-4 in that second set and anything could have happened.”

As for Maria, When asked how was she able to dig deep every time over, and over again, she replied:

“I wanted to put that chapter behind me. No matter how many errors I made or how disappointed I was with the way I started the match, I knew that I still could try to create chances out there, obviously taking them is another question”

As for Jankovic, she said she felt tired at the end. “At the end of the third set I felt I needed a bit. more gas, you know, in my tank to finish this match off, to stay on the high level.” She also added that “in the third set I got broken just, I mean, she came up with some winners.”

It was an intense match by both players, but at the end, perhaps a few brilliant shots by Maria Sharapova broke down her tough opponent. It could have been a short backhand cross court winner in the third set. “I mean, that backhand that went, it’s like between a drop shot and an angle, i don’t know how she does that, but it was an amazing shot. I mean, if it was luck or not,” says Jankovic.

Although Jankovic also mentioned she was a bit unlucky at the end, for the spectators, luck had nothing to do with the result. Sharapova has an outstanding record on three set matches and she fought all the way back to victory.

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