Wimbledon third set – MEN’s FINALS

Djokovic eyes the ball as he returns to Federer Photograph: Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images

Djokovic eyes the ball as he returns to Federer Photograph: Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images

The scores were close, 7-6 for Novak in the third set. However, Roger showing signs of fatigue, perhaps?

Serving at 5-5, 40-30, Roger thought he had the game but call was over ruled and Novak got the point. A few deuces later, and some amazing serves to the rescue, Roger holds for 6-5. A happy crowd applauded loudly,

Novak held for 6-6, displaying great hands at the net, solid strokes and powerful serves.

The tie breaker will decide this well disputed third set. At 2-2 Roger comes in and Novak hits a backhand, passing shot down the line which hits the net and falls in. So first break point for Novak, 3-2.

Novak serves at 4-2 and Roger hits a forehand that is called out. He challenged, and thanks to Hawkeye, it shows the ball was in, The crowd is please by the mechanic call. Should that point have been replayed? Umpire doesn’t think so as Novak didn’t have a play on it.

Roger loses the nest point but manages to hold for 4-5. A cross court forehand gives Novak set point at 6-4. And finally, after a very careful rally by both players, Roger, eventually misses the slice back hand wide and Novak goes up 2 sets to one in this finals.

Novak is looking strong as the match progresses.

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Roger and Novak: second set at Wimbledon

Novak Djokovic of Serbia hits a return during his men's singles final tennis match against Roger Federer. Photograph: Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

Novak Djokovic of Serbia hits a return during his men’s singles final tennis match against Roger Federer. Photograph: Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

Novak Djokovic wins the second set after having a break, early on the second set.

The match has been very physical and Roger doesn’t seem as sharp as in the first, which he won, 9-7, in the tie-breaker.

Novak finds himself serving at 3-2 ; 15/15. A break is always reassuring against a player like Roger who already have a set on his pocket. He holds for 4-2 playing solid tennis. Novak, has been in many finals, some he won and some he lost, but today, he said he was looking forward to this encounter.

Roger serves with authority,powerful serves at 4-2. But soon finds himself at 30-30 due to Novak’s superb defence skills. Novak seems more composed and focused on this second set. But, Roger holds for 3-4. Often top players says, that it’s very important to stay close in the score board. Nadal often says that one break is like having no break, because it’s very easy to lose this lead.

Novak takes his time on the first point serving at 4-3. Roger seems a little uncomfortable with sudden changes of pace by Novak, and makes mistakes. Novak loses the point for 15/30 as the ball lies down on the used up grass patches, and he loses his balance. Interesting, Roger is one of the few players who didn’t fall on the court during this championships. Would he be the last man standing?

At the moment serving at 3-5, things don’t seem to be going Roger’s way, as Novak continues to punish and drag him into long rallies. However, Roger prevails and holds for 4-5.

Wild forehand miss by Novak serving for the set, at 5-4, and Roger has a chance to get the break back. But Roger’s hope to stay in this set doesn’t last long, as Novak hits an ace, wins the next point, and wins the set with an overhead on the open court.

And here we go to the third set, one set each. What’s breaking first: Roger’s fitness or Nole’s mental state?

Lucia Hoffman

Roger wins the first set at Wimbledon finals



It was a well disputed tiebreaker which Roger Federer won 9-7.

The first time they met, in the semis, Roger won. Federer is bidding for his 8th title at Wimbledon today and to tie the record with Nadal’ s 8th Roland Garros titles.

Finally, the two last men standing at the end of this magical two weeks at the AELTC, are battling for the title, the prize, the glory.

The first set was very well played by both players, who are fighting for every point with a Swiss precision and a Serbian type of focus.Serving at 4-5 , 40/40, Roger was able to sustain a very long rally and eventually won the point for Ad, closing the game with a powerful serve.

The high quality of playing by both player: solid strokes, great movement and strong serves , leads to a first set tie-breaker. Roger finds himself serving at 4-5, and plays a great point. The crowd was holding its breath as Roger approaches the net and but Djokovic hits a lob over his head which lands outside the baseline.

Roger often mentions the importance of making the first serves. At 5-5. he hits a great serve, but after Novak makes a great low return, Roger misses the ball at the net. Novak looking confident, serves at 6-5, but Roger stays in the point forcing Novak to miss.

At 6-6, Novak plays a solid point, and the pressure is back on Roger. Serving at 6-7, he hits an ace for 7-7. Finally, Roger sets his first set point with a very powerful serve, forcing an error from Novak. Set point for Roger, and he converts after Novak misses at the net.

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Who Wants It More?



Men Finals at Wimbledon
“You know, I’m sure that he wants to win this title as much as I do.” says Djokovic.

Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious Tour events and many players dream of winning it. Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are both former Wimbledon champions and looking forward to today’s finals.Novak won once and Roger won 7 times here. It will be Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer’ 12th Grand Slam encounter which equals the record for most meetings at the majors.

He says he is looking forward to playing Federer in the finals and bidding to win his 2nd Wimbledon title and he’s bidding to become the 8th No. 1 seed to win the title. Last year Djokovic reached his 2nd Wimbledon final, as No 1, losing to Andy Murray. This is his 10th straight Wimbledon appearance and 39th overall.

“We only played once” says Djokovic. “It was a four-set win for him in semis of Wimbledon, so it’s a good chance for me to, you know, try to win against him on his favourite surface, on his favourite court.”

“This is where he has the most success in his career, winning many titles. He’s been looking very good throughout the whole tournament, very dominant with his matches. You know, I’m sure that he wants to win this title as much as I do.”

It has been a long journey for Roger Federer since winning the Wimbledon junior boy’s in 1998. He is the most successful active player on grass. This is Federer’s 16th consecutive appearance at Wimbledon and his 59th Grand Slam event. At 32 years of age, Federer is bidding to become the oldest man to win Wimbledon in the Open Era.

Roger is also happy to bid for his 8th Wimbledon title. “Don’t get me wrong,” He says, I’m unbelievably thrilled to be in another final… The fun for me is being able to do it, at this age, with a family, with the team I have. We have a great relationship. I know so many people over time now on the tour, so it’s really something I really, really enjoy.”

Very often, behind a great player, there is a good team, and Roger recognizes that. “It’s clearly also a team effort to a degree” he says. ‘Stefan is clearly a piece of the puzzle, so is my fitness coach, Severin, and everybody around me. They make it possible for me to wake up every morning motivated, healthy, fit, and eager to play.It’s clearly also a team effort to a degree.”

Roger is optimistic about his game ,” It’s going really well. My game’s back where I hoped it would be, you know, from one year ago. Things were difficult all of last year, most of the year, so I’m happy I worked hard off the court, you know, to get myself back into shape and back into contention for tournaments.”

“This year’s been very solid. I’ve reached a lot of semis and finals. I also got two titles already. So I think that really gave me confidence to believe that I could go a step further.”

Today, at Wimbledon, Novak and Roger are aiming to achieve greatness by defying expectations and never giving up, in ways that only champions know how to do.

Lucia Hoffman


Kvitova Does It Again

Petra Kvitova

Petra Kvitova

Familiarity breeds confidence and confidence breeds success. Petra Kvitova wins her second Wimbledon title defeating Eugenie Bourchard in less than an hour.

” I knew that I could play well on the grass, but I really played so well today.” she says. There wasn’t much Bouchard could do counter attack Kvitova’s powerful strokes and strong serve. “Well, I first of all have to give full credit to my opponent” says Bouchard.” I think she played, you know, unbelievable and didn’t give me many opportunities, you know, to stay in the rally or, you know, do what I do.”

As american Woody Allen says, “ninety percent of success is showing up” . It was definitely one of the best matches Kvitova played in her career. “Really, I mean, I was there. I was for 100% ready for everything for what I should do there.”

Kvitova just wanted to enjoy the moment after her victory and said :I’m not really thinking about something more right now. I’m just glad I’m sitting here as the Wimbledon champion, and of course that I will do the best. I will still work hard. I hope it’s not the end.”

Playing her first Grand Slam finals, Bouchard said she was ” grateful to be able to walk out on a stage and, you know, have a chance to perform and do what I love. You know, I hope to experience that feeling many more times.”

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